John Yeo and Elizabeth Fortescue

Many Yeo lines are descended from this couple, who married at Dolton in 1569 [note 1]. They had four children:
– William Yeo (see below)
– Roger Yeo (see below).
– Anne Yeo
– Henry Yeo (see below).

William Yeo (baptised c1555 at Huish, son of John Yeo and Elizabeth Fortescue) married Catherine Harris and had three children:
– Alexander Yeo (1587–1632, daughter Susan Yeo married John Rosier, rector of Swimbridge)
– Elinor Yeo (baptised 1588 at Atherington)
– Henry Yeo (baptised 1589 at Atherington, moved to London and with his wife Elizabeth baptised four children in the parish of St Andrew, Holborn).

Roger Yeo (1570–1642, son of John Yeo and Elizabeth Fortescue) married Catherine Smale and had seven children: Anna, Henry, Robert, Bartholomew (see below), Roger (see below), Thomas and George.

Henry Yeo (c1572–1642, son of John Yeo and Elizabeth Fortescue) baptised four sons at Swimbridge with his wife Elinor:
– Alexander Yeo (see below)
– Henry Yeo (baptised 1608)
– Thomas Yeo (baptised 1611, married Elizabeth Parkins, three children)
– John Yeo (baptised c1613, died before 1642).

Bartholomew Yeo (1600–1672, son of Roger Yeo and Catherine Smale) married Agnes Rode and had children Ann, Roger (see below) and Robert.

Roger Yeo (son of Roger Yeo and Catherine Smale) married Mary Davey and had sons Thomas (see below) and Edward.

Thomas Yeo (1610–1675, son of Roger Yeo and Mary Davey) married Elizabeth Parkins at Swimbridge in 1645. They had three children:
– William Yeo (1650–1720)
– Lewis Yeo (baptised 1651, died as an infant)
– Hester Yeo (baptised 1653).

Alexander Yeo (1602–1663, son of Henry and Elinor Yeo) had two sons:
– Henry Yeo (died 1717) married Sarah Mayne
– William Yeo (see William Yeo and Susanna Davey).

Roger Yeo (1639–1706, son of Bartholomew Yeo and Agnes Rode) married Grace Gould at Swimbridge in 1669. They baptised at least three children [note 2] at Swimbridge:
– Bartholomew Yeo (see below)
– Agnes Yeo (buried 1670)
– Johane Yeo (?)
– Roger Yeo (buried 1706)
– Elizabeth Yeo (?).

Bartholomew Yeo (son of Roger Yeo and Grace Gould) married Margaret Slade at Landkey in 1707. They had nine children, including:
– Roger Yeo (see Roger Yeo and Margaret Cowell)
– Bartholomew Yeo (1719–1808, married Margaret Shapland at Landkey in 1746, four children).

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1. The structure of the families shown is based on research by Humphrey Toms and Reg Walter. The available information is incomplete, reflecting the quality of the records in the relevant parishes at the time.
2. The Swimbridge baptism records for the period during which Roger and Grace were having children are damaged and incomplete; their daughters Johane and Elizabeth are unconfirmed. Some researchers incorrectly show a son Thomas Yeo in this family (see note under Thomas Yeo and Mary Davis).