William Yeo and Susan Wonnacott

William Yeo (1826–1911, son of William Yeo and Jane Fanson) emigrated to Ontario with his parents. He married Susan Wonnacott at Fullerton in 1849; they had eight children:
– John Wonnacott Yeo (1850–1930, married Annie Jemima Roberts, four children)
– James Wesley Yeo (1851–1940, married Catherine Jane Alcock, six children)
– Mary Jane Yeo (1854–1940, married Charles White)
– William Fletcher Yeo (born 1857, died as a child)
– Benjamin Wellington Yeo (see Benjamin Wellington Yeo and Margaret Clark Morgan)
– Regina Ruth Yeo (1864–1961, married John Cornforth Yeo)
– Nelson Abiather Yeo (1868–1861, married Margaret Emma Beacon, three children)
– Minnie Gelina Ann Yeo (1872–1971, married William Alfred Turner).

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