Richard Yeo and Elizabeth Manning

The information on this family is based on a pedigree drawn up by Reg Walter in 1990. Their homes were farms at Youlstone and Blatchborough in the north-west of the parish of Bradworthy, close to Morwenstow and Hartland.

Richard Yeo, whose parents have not been identified with any certainty, married Elizabeth Manning in her home parish of Morwenstow in 1577. They had at least twelve children, including:
– William Yeo (see below)
– Digory Yeo (married Agnes Elliott in 1590, no children recorded)
– Margery Yeo (married Richard Cann in 1619)
– Elizabeth Yeo (married William Cann in 1632).

William Yeo (1584–1636, son of Richard Yeo and Elizabeth Manning) married Prudence Neale at Bradworthy in 1610. They had five children:
– Richard Yeo (see below)
– Elizabeth Yeo (1612–1635, married John Trick)
– Francis Yeo (see below).

Richard Yeo (1611–1671, son of William Yeo and Prudence Neale), married Em Prust at Bradworthy in 1662. Em was some 23 years younger than Richard, and after his death married Arthur Lyle in 1674. Richard and Em’s children included:
– Richard Yeo (see below).

Francis Yeo (1619–1694, son of William Yeo and Prudence Neale), married during the Commonwealth period, so not in the local parish church but in front of a magistrate. No details of the marriage have been found. He and his wife Elizabeth lived at Morwenstow and had eight children. Before his marriage, Francis Yeo had an illegitimate son with Margaret Tuck, who was was baptised Francis Tuck at Morwenstow in 1639. Francis Tuck took on the name Francis Yeo, married twice, and had four children, including John Yeo (1686–1770) who married Margaret Gist – see John Yeo and Margaret Gist.

Richard Yeo (1663–1704, son of Richard Yeo and Em Prust) married Mary Cann at Bradworthy in 1689. They had four children:
– Emm Yeo (see Henry Walter and Em Yeo)
– William Yeo (1693–1736, farmed at Alwington)
– Richard Yeo (see Richard Yeo and Honor Bynes)
– Hugh Yeo (1698–1745, tailor in Bradworthy, married Grace Liell).

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