John Ashton and Ann Yeo Westaway

Ann Yeo Westaway was a daughter of Ann Yeo and John Westaway of Bradworthy. She was born at Bradworthy 1830 and emigrated to Ontario, where she married twice.

Her first marriage was to John Ashton, from which there were four children. John had been baptised at Bradworthy in 1816 and had previously been married to Elizabeth Coles.

After John’s death in 1866, Ann married Joseph Ward. There were no children from this marriage. She died in 1903.

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There have been two other women called Ann Yeo Westaway. One was born in 1854, an illegitimate daughter of Jane Yeo Westaway; she married David Fanson, a carpenter from Holsworthy and died in Bristol in 1930.

The other, born in 1885 and known as Annie, was a daughter of Joseph Westaway and Hannah Searle of Kilkhampton; she married thatcher William Ford and died in Barnstaple in 1969.