Extraparochial marriages

‘Extraparochial’ is a term used by many researchers, including Humphrey Toms and Reg Walter, for marriages to which one of the parties – usually the groom – was from a different parish.

The parish where the marriage took place is shown in italics, and more details will be found under Marriages – England and Wales. If you can add to or correct this information, please use the Contact Us page.

Parishes are in the English counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset or Wiltshire unless they are in a large city or the county is stated. See also the notes on Parishes with the same name.

Samuel Mugridge of Abbotsham married Margaret Yeo Lane at Bideford in 1798

Aberavon (Glamorganshire)
John Richard Slater of Aberavon married Eliza Yeo at Bampton in 1920

Aldershot (Hampshire)
John Yeo bachelor of Aldershot married Faith Kingston at Littleham (south Devon) in 1897

Amersham (Buckinghamshire)
James Rumsey of Amersham married Mary Yeo at Chesham (Buckinghamshire) in 1776

John Yeo of Atherington married Ann Saunders at Chittlehampton in 1788

Baldock (Hertfordshire)
William Yoe of Baldock married and Rebeccca Todd at Chesham Bois (Buckinghamshire) in 1746

Thomas Yeo of Bampton married Elizabeth Martin at Cove in 1791

Barnstaple – St Peter
William Yeo Edwards married Maria Gilbert at Pilton in 1832
Herbert William Yeo married Harriet Florence Gay at Barnstaple – Holy Trinity in 1901

Basingstoke (Hampshire)
Edward Yeo of Basingstoke and Ethel Pardon of Newton Abbot at Wolborough – St Mary in 1907

Thomas Morrice of Bideford married Elizabeth Yeo of Bideford at Barnstaple – St Peter in 1699
Edwin Bartlett married Mary Ann Cleverdon Yeo of Bideford at Barnstaple– Holy Trinity in 1883
Frederick James Balsdon married Caroline Yeo Westaway at Northam in 1896

Bishop’s Tawton
Thomas Yeo married Joan Dinnis of Bishops Tawton at High Bickington in 1789
Daniel Davis of Bishop’s Tawton married Elizabeth Yeo at Atherington in 1816

John Yew of Bishopsteignton married Margaret Joint at Ashburton in 1802

Bovey Tracey
John Yow of Bovey Tracey married Charity Levermoore at Ashcombe in 1711

Bradford – All Saints
Frederick Smith of Bradford married Sarah Jane Yeo at Mortehoe in 1890 [only banns record found]

Richard Yewe of Bradworthy married Elizabeth Manninge at Morwenstow in 1577
John Arundell of North Tamerton married Margaret Yeo at North Tamerton in 1671
Henry Walter married Emm Yeo at Barnstaple – St Peter in 1724
William Walter of Sutcombe married Elizabeth Yeo at Sutcombe in 1788

Bratton Clovelly
William Cross of Bratton Clovelly married Margaret Yeo at Ashwater in 1789

Bratton Fleming
Benjamin Baker of Bratton Fleming married Harriett Yeo at Swimbridge in 1849

Joseph Yeo of Brimhill and Mary Porch married at Shipton Moyne in 1770

Bristol – Castle Precincts
Roger Yeo of the Castle Precincts and Maria Pinsent at Wolborough – St Mary in 1841

Henry Bole of Broadwoodeidger married Mary Yeo at St Stephen (near Launceston) in 1779

Robert Danger of Charlinch married Dorothy Yaw at Taunton – St Mary Magdalene in 1720
John Street married Mary Yea of Charlinch at Aisholt in 1766

Chesham (Buckinghamshire)
William Yoe married Rebeccca Todd of Chesham at Chesham Bois (Buckinghamshire) in 1746

Christian Malford
William Yeo of Christian Malford married Jane Andrews at Malmesbury in 1763

Hugh Yeo of Kings Nympton married Mary Sowden of Chulmleigh in 1622 at Chulmleigh or Kings Nympton

John Abbott of Clawton and Elisabeth Yeo at Ashwater in 1793 [banns read but no marriage record found]

John Yew of Combeinteignhead married Mary Swinney at Ashburton in 1821

Compton Gifford
Thomas Hendy of Compton Gifford married Maria Yeo at Nottingham – Holy Trinity in 1890

Joseph Good of Cossington married Jane Yeo at Puriton in 1806

Nicholas Yea of Cothelstone married Ann Landon at Kingston St Mary in 1766
Peter Haddon married Sarah Yea of Cothelstone at Kingston St Mary in 1799

Albert James Yea of Dartington married Edith Avis Strathmore Pearce at Tormoham in 1894

Andrew Yeo married Lydia King of Dodbrooke at West Charleton in 1711

Thomas Liverton married Mary Yeo of Dolton at Beaford in 1723

East Buckland
John Yeo of Swymbridge married Joan Bushon of East Buckland at West Buckland in 1744

William Yeo of Germansweek married Grace Soper at Broadwoodwidger in 1836

Gosport (Hampshire) – St Matthew
Alfred Yea of Gosport married Catherine Margaret Ashton at London – St Botolph without Bishopsgate in 1882

Great Torrington
Robert Harris married Katherin Yeo of Great Torrington at Swimbridge in 1677

Greywell (Hampshire)
James Yeo Greywell married Ruth Linham at Odiham (Hampshire) in 1711

Samuell Totton married Mary Yeo of Hatherleigh at Exeter – St Petrock in 1679

William Seger of Highampton married Sarah Yow at Barnstaple – St Peter in 1771

Henry Yea of Highweek and Ann Cleave at East Ogwell in 1853
William Henry Cleave Yea of Highweek married Martha Ann Davy at East Ogwell in 1876

Hitcham (Suffolk)
John Parker married Elizabeth Yeo of Hitcham at Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk) in 1724

Thomas Yeo of Holsworthy married Elizabeth Drake at Chulmleigh in 1797

William Gomer of Instow married Susan Yeo at Weare Giffard in 1882

George Weston of St James the Great, Keyham married Hilda Bessie Yeo Rowse at Hooe in 1902

Kings Nympton
Hugh Yeo of Kings Nympton married Mary Sowden of Chulmleigh in 1622 at Chulmleigh or Kings Nympton

Thomas Ayre of Knowstone married Mary Yea at Loxbeare in 1755

William Yeo of Landcross married Ann Williams at Alwington in 1846

Bartholomew Yeo of Swimbridge married Margret Ackland at Barnstaple – St Peter in 1700

Philip Yeo of Launcells married Mary Hobbs at Holsworthy in 1823

William Yeo of Lawhitton married Ann Frain at Launceston – St Mary Magelene in 1818

Edward Langman of Lesnewth married Martha Yeo of Stratton at Poundstock in 1678

Little Torrington
Samuel Copp of Little Torrington married Elizabeth Yeo at Great Torrington in 1835

Littleham (south Devon)
John Yeo of Littleham married Catherine Ash at Bideford in 1782

London – St Giles, Camberwell
Benjamin Jowett of St Giles married Sarah-Ann Yeo at St Mary, Lewisham in 1801

London – St James, Paddington
George Mills of St James married Helen Eliza Adelaide Yeo at Tormoham in 1876

London – St Mark, Regent’s Park
William Branch of St Mark married Margaret Yea at Woodbury in 1893

London – St Martin-in-the-Fields
James Smith of St Martin-in-the-Fields married Ann Yeo at Wincanton in 1826

London – St Mary, Lambeth
Henry Yeo of St Mary Lambeth married Ellen Physic at Alphington in 1862

London – St Nicholas, Plumstead
John Yeo of Plumstead married Elizabeth Kate Maclean at Tormoham 1883

William Sear of Lyncombe-with-Widcombe married Hester Yeo of Lyncombe-with-Widcombe at St James, Bath in 1909

Lyneham (Wiltshire)
Daniel Yeo of Lyneham married Elizabeth Townsend at Christian Malford in 1728
Thomas Smoakam married Mary Yeo of Tockenham at Tockenham in 1752

Daniel Yeo of Malmesbury married Nancy Whitehead at Wells in 1797

John Barne of Stratton married Margery Yeo of Stratton at Launcells in 1643
John Yeo married Em Bante of Stratton at Poughill, Cornwall in 1659
John Erving married Elionor Yoe of Stratton at Launceston – St Mary Magdalene in 1688
Nicholas Bray of Stratton married Hester Yeo at Bradworthy in 1730
John Yeo of Stratton married Eleanor Frain at Pyworthy in 1730
John Yeo of Stratton married Elizabeth Hobbs at Norton chapel, Launcells in 1757?
John Yeo of Stratton married Rebecca Phillips at Crediton in 1770
William Yeo [of Stratton] married Catherine Sleeman at Marhamchurch in 1784
Philip Yeo [of Stratton] married Hannah Martin at Lifton in 1785
John Rogers of Stratton marrried Charlotte Yeo at Kilkhampton in 1856
Charles Yeo of Stratton married Eliza Southcott at Sandford in 1905
William Yeo of Stratton married Mary Ann Wyatt at Honiton in 1867

Samuell Totton of Meeth married Mary Yeo at Exeter – St Petrock in 1679
John Wesley Yeo of Meeth married Elizabeth Wilton at Weare Giffard in 1902

William Bennet of Merton married Elizabeth Yeo at Beaford in 1754

Milton Damerel
Thomas Yeo married Mary Gilbert at Thornbury in 1827

Bertram Hodge of Minehead married Emma Yeo at Bampton in 1904

Frank Tarr of Morebath married Beatrice Mary Yeo at Bampton in 1922

Richard Yeo of Morwenstow married Susanna Spry at Whitstone in 1774

Mountain Ash (Glamorganshire)
John James Ackland married Nellie Yeo of Mountain Ash at Uffculme in 1909

Neath (Glamorganshire)
Charles William Pile of Neath married Catherine Yeo Essery at Holy Trinity, Barnstaple in 1893

Newton Tracey
William Yeo of Newton Tracey married Sarah Jane Skinner née Bull at London – St Barnabas, Kennington in 1887

North Tamerton
John Yeo of North Tamerton married Elisabeth Rodd at Alwington in 1738
John Doubt of North Tamerton married Elizabeth Yeo at Whitstone in 1755
William Gilbert of North Tamerton married Sarah Yeo at Tetcott in 1811

William Yeo married Audrey Stuckley at Braunton in 1545?
Humphrey Yeo married Agnes Poure at Roborough in 1564?
Thomas Yeo married Agnes Burton at Bideford in 1564?
William Yeo married Margaret Smyth at Barnstaple – St Peter in 1574?
Robert Yeo married Mary Gifford at St Giles in the Wood in 1577?
Richard Yeo married Barbara Priddys at Shobrooke in 1577?
Richard Yeo married Isabel Demon at Hartland in 1578?
Thomas Yeo married Mary ? at Exminster in 1582?
Richard Yeo married Johane Philipe at Shobrooke in 1587?
John Yeo married Alce Remur at Alwington in 1590?
James Yeo married Tamsin Witheridge at Alwington in 1591?
Melchard Yeo married Agnes Nichols at Hartland in 1592?
Richard Yeo married Clement Grim at Plymstock in 1595 or 1598?
John Yeo married Rebecca Rolle at Hatherleigh in 1598?
Philip Yeo married Johan Main at Braunton in 1602?
Charles Yeo married Audry Isaac at Braunton in 1606?
James Yeo married Sibly Trix at Bideford in 1608?
Charles Yeo married Christian Cock at Braunton in 1611?
Anthony Downe of Northam married Agnes Yeo at Totnes in 1642
Edmund Yeo of Northam married Elizabeth Orchard at Abbotsham in 1713
Thomas Courtis of Northam married Prudence Yeo at Littleham (north Devon) in 1746

John Yeo of Northlew married Dew Ann Smale at Beaworthy in 1829

Richard Yeo of Okehampton married Catherine Luxon at Northlew in 1796
William Yeo of Okehampton married Emma Westcott at Tormoham in 1809
Lewis Lobb married Sarah Ann Yeo of Okehampton at Beaworthy in 1893

Albert Edward Dowell of Paignton married Mary Elizabeth Yeo at Berry Pomeroy in 1903

Thomas Hopgood of Pancrasweek married Mary Yeo at Kilkhampton in 1821
John Wicket of Pancrasweek married Grace Yeo Grills at Sutcombe in 1830

John Shaddock of Parkham married Susannah Yeo at Bideford in 1860

George Yeo of Pawlett married Katherine Ellis at Aisholt in 1705

Cornelius Copley of Pilton married Mary Yeo at Barnstaple – St Peter in 1791
Thomas Yeo of Pilton married Elizabeth Shapland at Barnstaple – St Peter in 1822

Plymouth – Charles the Martyr
Samuel Yeo of Charles the Martyr married Lavinia Elizabeth Oliver at Lostwithiel in 1852

Plymouth – St Augustine
Fred Charlick married Jessie Emmeline Yeo at Plympton St Mary in 1908

Robert Yea of Castle Eaton married Mary Packer at Castle Eaton in 1776
Thomas Yea of Gloucester married Mary Compton at Purton in 1781

Daniel Delve of Romansleigh married Margaret Yeo of Swymbridge at West Buckland in 1736

St Cleer
George Yeo of married Anne Ayre of St Cleer at Luxulyan in 1704

St Marychurch
John Hooper married Mary Yew of St Marychurch at Churston Ferrers in 1781
John Yaw of St Marychurch married Jenny Jones at Woodbury in 1788
Christopher Yea married Mary Gibson of St Marychurch at Woodbury in 1826

Sampford Peverell
William Waters [of Sampford Peverell] married Mary Yaw at Tiverton – St Peter in 1693

Charles Edwin Yeo of Silverton married Elizabeth Ann Rundle at Veryan in 1911

Stoke Damerel
Melchard Yeo Fishley of Stoke Damerel married Elisabeth Tucker at Bideford in 1782
Thomas Richard Yeo Diment married Augusta Ilbert Baillie Hamilton of Stoke Damerel at Plymouth – St John the Evangelist in 1883

Stony Stratford (Buckinghamshire)
Foster Henry Grinyer of Stony Stratford married Constantia Elizabeth Yeo at London – St Pancras in 1865

William Wyborne of Stoodleigh married Mary Yeo at Tiverton St Peter in 1737

Edward Langman of Lesnewth married Martha Yeo of Stratton at Poundstock in 1678

Swallowfield (Berkshire)
Thomas Yeo of Swallowfield married Louise Redgrove at Basingstoke (Hampshire) in 1833

Bartholomew Yeo of Swimbridge married Margret Ackland of Landkey at Barnstaple – St Peter in 1700
Bartholomew Yeo of Swimbridge married Margarett Slade of Swimbridge at Landkey in 1707
William Yeo married Mary Fairchild of Swimbridge at Landkey in 1708
John Yeo of Swimbridge married Joan Bushon of East Buckland at West Buckland in 1744
Bartholomew Yeo of Swimbridge married Margaret Shapland of Swimbridge at Landkey in 1746
Roger Yeo of Swimbridge married Margaret Cowel of Swimbridge at Landkey in 1751
Thomas Dyer of Swimbridge married Mary Yeo of Swymbridge at Landkey in 1751
Richard Gould of Swimbridge married Margaret Yeo of Swimbridge at Landkey in 1751
Thomas Yeo of Swimbridge married Mary Moule of Swimbridge at Landkey in 1792
Thomas Yeo of Swimbridge married Mary Webber at Landkey in 1813
Thomas Rowcliff of Swimbridge married Joan Yeo at West Buckland in 1816
John Yeo of Swimbridge married Susannah Carter at Instow in 1818
William Ballmand of Swimbridge married Sarah Yeo at Landkey in 1834
James Yeo of Swimbridge married Ellen Hooper at Chittlehampton in 1907

Thomas Yeo married Mary Smitheram at Boyton in 1817

Tiverton – St Peter
Ernest George Beedell married Ellen Jane Salisbury Yeo at Bampton in 1903

Tormoham – St Saviour
William Stabb of Tormoham married Mary Yeo at St Marychurch in 1782

Thomas George Jeffery of Torpoint married Violet Florence Yeo at Devonport – St Mary in 1917

Walter Yewe married Emily Florence McKnight at Berry Pomeroy in 1891
George Henry Edgar Pitts married Florence Yeo at Berry Pomeroy in 1900

Samuel John Yeo of Tywardreath married Alice Maud Dymond at Alphington in 1897

William Yawe married Elizabeth Hill of Uplowman at Burlescombe in 1658

Washford Pyne
Frederick Ernest Selley of Washford Pyne married Mabel Yeo Lee at Witheridge in 1906

William Yeo of Welcombe married Ann Martin at Morwenstow in 1760
William Allen Yeo of Welcombe married Elizabeth Shute at Hartland in 1860

Joseph Yow married Jane Cook of Tiverton at Tiverton St Peter 1826
Herbert Henry Dyer of Wellington married Fanny Yeo at Bampton in 1914

John Yeo of Werrington and Elizabeth Reed at Launceston – St Mary Magdalene in 1824

West Buckland
William Yeo married Sara Heathman at Weare Giffard in 1637
James Parker of West Buckland married Harriet Yeo Jones at Landkey in 1874

John Balch of Westleigh married Mary Yeo at Instow in 1866

Whitestone (Devon)
Thomas Cole of Whitestone married Grace Yeo at Exeter – St David in 1704

Whitstone (Cornwall)
Robert Martin of Whitstone married Mary Yeo at Tetcott in 1771

William Yea of Wiveliscombe married Julia Trevelyan at Nettlecombe in 1756

William Yeo of Wolborough married Susan Hearder at Tormoham in 1816

Woolfardisworthy (North Devon)
Thomas Churton married Wilmot Prust of Woolfardisworthy at Horwood in 1662
Thomas Yeo of Woolfardisworthy married Elizabeth Gist at Kilkhampton in 1699

Woolwich – St Mary Magdalene
John Yeo of Woolwich married Mary Wilder in 1746 – see Clandestine marriages

William Yeo of Yarnscombe married Grace Clarke Youatt at Tawstock in 1874
George Priscott married Elizabeth Ann Yeo of Yarnscombe at Bideford in 1875