William Yeo and Rosamond Green

William Yeo (1816–1886, son of Robert Yeo and Jane Lee) was baptised at South Tawton. He married Rosamond Green; the first of their ten children was born in Devon:
– Jane Yeo (born 1838 at Bridestowe).

William and Rosamond then emigrated to Pennsylvania with their daughter Jane. They had nine more children:
– Samuel Yeo (see below)
– Mary Yeo (born 1843)
– Rebecca Yeo (born 1846)
– John Yeo (born 1847, seven children)
– Sarah Yeo (born 1848)
– William John Yeo (1848–1917, married Phoebe Thompson Banfield, four children)
– Maria Yeo (born 1850)
– Jacob Yeo (born 1852, three children)
– Emma Yeo (born 1885).

Samuel Yeo (son of William Yeo and Rosamond Green) appears to have been born about 1840 but there is no corresponding English birth registration. So it is not known whether he was born during or after his parents’ emigration. He appears to have had a wife called Sarah, with whom he had six children in Pennsylvania.

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