Frederick Yea and Lucy Cordelia Dedman

The 1921 census records this couple in Somerset. Fred Yea, as head of the household, completed and signed the census return, showing his age as 34, his birthplace as Newton Abbot, Devonshire and his occupation as gardener. His address is The Lodge, Backwell Hill, West Town – a village near Nailsea and close to the site of what is now Bristol Airport. Listed with him are his wife Lucy Cordelia Yea (age 30, born at Canning Town in the East End of London) and only his son David Richard Yea (age 5, born at Backwell Hill). The family continued to live at The Lodge until Fred’s death in 1934.

Fred had married Lucy Cordelia Dedman in Essex in 1914.

Fred’s parents were Francis David Yea (1865–1951) and Jessie Gough (1867–1936), who married in Devon in 1885. He had a brother George Cleave Yea (1891–1966, married Emily Clist) and sisters Olive May Yea (1892–1960, married Thomas Duddridge), Winifred Yea (1899–1987, married William Adams) and Florence Yea (1904–1923).

Fred’s paternal grandparents appear to have been Henry Yea (1834–1901) and Ann Cleave (1832–1913).

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Is Fred the same person as Frederick Cleave Yea, whose birth was registered at Newton Abbot in the second quarter of 1893?