Isabell or Elizabeth Yeo

A marriage settlement dated 4 July in the 22nd year of the reign of Henry VII [note 1] was drawn up between Robert Yeo of Heanton Sachville and Sir John Crocker of Lyneham, Yealmpton.

Robert’s daughter Isabell Yeo [note 2] was to marry Sir John ‘before the feast of St Michael the Archangel next’ [note 3]. There was a considerable disparity in their ages – Elizabeth was in her early twenties and Sir John was in his seventies.

Sir John died eighteen months after the marriage; there is no record of any children born to the couple.

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1. 4 July 1507. The settlement appears to have survived only as a 19th-century transcription.
2. Born c1484, the elder of two daughters of Robert Yeo and Alice Walrond. She is recorded as Isabell in the marriage settlement and in her husband’s inquisition post mortem dated 20 November 1509. She is recorded as Elizabeth in the Visitations and in pedigrees based on them.
3. 30 September 1507.