Richard Yeo and Isabel Dayman

Richard Yeo was baptised at Stratton in 1553. Isabel’s surname is also recorded as Dayment.

They married at Hartland in 1578 and baptised seven children there, including:
– Charles Yeo (1580–1650, married Audrey Issack, three children)
– Justinian Yeo (1583–1649, married Jane Tucker, eleven children including Justinian Yeo, see below)
– Hugh Yeo, see below.

Justinian Yeo (1627–c1699), son of Richard Yeo and Isabel Dayman, married Isott Bagilhole and baptised six children at Hartland.

Hugh Yeo (1587–1642), son of Richard Yeo and Isabel Dayman, who moved to Bristol and was a merchant operating in the West Indies. There were six children from his second marriage, to Margery Cary, including Abraham Yeo who died in Barbados in 1655.

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