William Yea and Jane Facey

Sheila worked on this line with correspondent Joyce Foster in 2003.

William Yea, a great grandson of Robert Yea and Elizabeth England, was baptised at Kingston St Mary, Somerset in 1772 and married Jane Facey at Kingston St Mary in 1802. They baptised ten children in the same parish:
– William Yea (baptised 1804, married Sarah Northcott, five children)
– Mary Yea (baptised 1805, married John Hooper in 1825)
– Sarah Yea (baptised 1807)
– John Yea (see below)
– James Yea (1815–1817)
– Ann Yea (baptised 1815)
– George Yea (baptised 1817)
– James Yea (1820–1892, married Elizabeth Weaver, six children)
– Henry Yea (1822–1905, moved to Dorset and married Elizabeth Marsh at Wareham in 1846, thirteen children including James Yea and Joseph Yea, see below)
– Elizabeth Yea (baptised 1826).
William died in 1837. Jane, who is recorded as Jenny in the baptism records of their children, survived him by twenty years.

John Yea (baptised 1809, son of William Yea and Jane Facey) moved to East Stonehouse and married Ann Southwood there in 1830. They had five children:
– Charles Henry Yea (born 1837)
– James Eli Yea (born 1839, married Kezia Jane Brinkworth, three children)
– John Yea (born 1840)
– Ann Sophia Yea (born 1842, married John Babb)
– Elias John Yea (born 1845, married Elizabeth Stamp, nine children).

James Yea (1855–1903, son of Henry Yea and Elizabeth Marsh), moved to Leighton Buzzard, where he married Alice Backhouse in 1800 and had three children. He then married Louisa Stickley, with whom he had four further children.

Joseph Yea (born 1860, son of Henry Yea and Elizabeth Marsh), moved to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where he married Lucy Elizabeth Brown and had two sons:
– Arthur Yea (born 1910,  two daughters)
– Henry Yea (born 1919, married Nancy Wilson, two sons)

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