James Yeo and Mary Ann Kingdon

This couple married at South Molton in 1878. They had a son and a daughter before emigrating to Australia:
– John Henry Yeo (see below)
– Mary Jane Yeo (born 1881)
They travelled from Plymouth on the SS Roma, arriving at Cooktown in northern Queensland in June 1882. They settled in the state, and had seven further children there:
– Emily Yeo (1882–1970)
– Clara Yeo (1885–1912)
– Kate Yeo (1887–1937, married William Mitchell)
– William Yeo (see below)
– Florence Yeo (1892–1969)
– Frank Yeo (1894–1973)
– Edwin James Yeo (see below).

John Henry Yeo (1879–1957, son of James Yeo and Mary Ann Kingdon) was born at South Molton and emigrated to Queensland with his parents. He married Mary Athalia Wilks there in 1905; they had five children:
– Clarice May Yeo (born 1907)
– William James Yeo (born 1908)
– Leslie Henry Yeo (1909–1933)
– Allan John Yeo (born 1912).
Mary died in 1916 and John re-married. With his second wife May Arthur née Beach, he had a daughter, and possibly two other children including a son:
– Audrey Yeo (died 1926)
Kenneth John Yeo.

William Yeo (1890–1944, son of James Yeo and Mary Ann Kingdon) married Ethel Florence Williams in 1912. They had seven children:
– Norman Page Yeo (born 1913)
– Eric James Yeo (born 1915, married Gladys Eva Thurlow in 1941)
– Leslie William Yeo (born 1916)
– Rita Clara Yeo (1918–1996, married Hilton Franklin)
– Leonard Yeo (born 1920)
– Raymond Yeo (1922–2006)
– Mervyn Arthur Yeo (1924–1948).

Edwin James Yeo (1897–1975, son of James Yeo and Mary Ann Kingdon) married Scottish emigrant Annie Clark (known as Nana) in 1915. They also had seven children:
– Harold James Yeo (1915–1993)
– Phyllis May Yeo (1918–2015)
– Roy Edwin Yeo (1919–1920)
– Cecil William Yeo (1921–2004)
– Colin Edgar Yeo (born 1923)
– Jean Yeo (born 1924)
– Stanley Robert Yeo (c1925–1985).

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