William Henry Baker Yeo and Mary Ann Peabody

William Henry Baker Yeo was born at Swimbridge in 1851 to parents William Yeo (1825–1891) and Mary Baker.

William’s parents had married at Swimbridge in 1824, where they had two younger children:
– Susan Yeo (1847–1881)
– John Passmore Yeo (born 1849).

After William’s birth they moved to Cheshire, where they had four more children:
– Eliza Yeo (1857–1862)
– Herbert James Yeo (1860–1880)
– Charles Edwin Yeo (1864–1890)
– George Reginald Yeo (1870–1895).

William Henry Baker Yeo (1851–1926) married Mary Ann Peabody at Birkenhead in 1885 and settled there. Mary Ann died in 1896 at the age of 42.

The 1901 census records the family at 3 Clarendon Street, Birkenhead: William is a 49-year-old domestic gardener whose birthplace is given as South Molton. Recorded with him is his 72-year-old widowed mother Mary Yeo – who perhaps was looking after William’s children Susan (11), Herbert (9) and Elizabeth (6).

The 1911 census record for the same address is similar and lists William with his children Susan, Herbert and Elizabeth. His mother Mary had died in 1904.

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