John Edwards and Susannah Yeo

Susannah Yeo (1771–1819) was the younger of two children of William Yeo and Susannah Coates. She was baptised at Ilfracombe, and married John Edwards there in 1794 [notes 1, 2]. They had six children, including these two sons of the same name:
– William Yeo Edwards (1798–1801)
– William Yeo Edwards (see below).

William Yeo Edwards (1808–1880, youngest son of John Edwards and Susannah Yeo) married twice. With his first wife Maria Gilbert he had seven children, including:
– Frederick Edwards (see below).
With his second wife Clementia Barker he had son:
– William Yeo Edwards (1866–1890, did not marry).

Frederick Edwards (1847–1901, son of William Yeo Edwards and Maria Gilbert, had three children, including:
– Lionel Edwards (1876–1944, first wife Florence Howard) [note 3].

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1. John later married Ann Leworthy.
2. John and Susannah’s son John Edwards (1800–1860) was a ship broker and merchant ship owner in Bristol.
3. Their son Lionel Yeo Edwards (1903–1949) emigrated to Australia in 1839 on the SS Largs Bay.