José Matias Gonsales Yeo was baptised on 25 February 1843 at a Catholic ceremony in the town of Sahuayo – some 230 miles west of Mexico City in the province of Michoacan. His baptism record shows his father as Jesús Yeo and his mother as Julián Gonsales.

José Francisco Frutoso Yeo Buenrrostro was baptised in the same town on 11 March 1843. His baptism record names his father as Ignacio Yeo and his mother as Francisca Buenrrostro.

Sheila assembled a tentative pedigree of another family, based on correspondence with Juan Yeo in 2001. His family was from Sahuayo, a town near Guadalajra to the north west of Mexico City. The line started with Juan’s grandparents Francisco Yeo Gonzalez and Librada Olmedo, who he believed to have been of English or Spanish descent and who married in 1883. His father Antonio Yeo Olmedo moved to Mexico City. His uncle David Yeo Olmedo died in 1967. From this information, Sheila suggested that the line was descended from Francis Yeo, baptised in the Plymouth parish of Charles in 1796 to parents Francis Yeo and Elizabeth Barnes. She failed to prove the link, though. It is rather more likely that the descent is from Spanish immigrants to Mexico and that a Spanish surname has been corrupted to become Yeo.

Ricardo Zavala Yoe and Yamili Yazmin Yeo also supplied information to Sheila, identifying a doctor called Juan Yeo, who worked with the Mexican forces who were fighting invading French troops and died in 1871. His descendant Francisco Ballinas Yoe was Ricardo’s grandfather. It is not known whether Juan Yeo was English, American or Spanish.

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See Jorge Yeo’s web site (in Spanish) for further information. His research suggests that Yeo might be a corruption of the Calalan surname Lleu.