Gwendolen Frances Yeo

Gwendolen Frances Yeo was baptised in Aldershot, Hampshire on 11 December 1903, at the Catholic church of St Michael and St Sebastian. The church register records her date of birth as 26 November 1903, her father as Frank Yeo, a sergeant with the Royal Army Medical Corps, and her mother as Rose Yeo née Gregan [note 1].

Frank Yeo (1874–1941) was a Londoner by birth [note 2]. He had married Rosanna Gregan in Dublin earlier in 1903 [note 3].

Gwendolen married William Black in Liverpool in 1936 and died in Hampshire in 1988. She had a sister Eileen Rose Yeo (1905–1997).

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1. Gwendolen’s birth was registered under Army records.
2. Birth registered at Kensington in the fourth quarter of 1874 to parents William Alexander Yeo and Frances Esther Hubbard.
3. Marriage registered at Dublin South in the first quarter of the year.