Beaple Yeo and the Morgan family

The unusual name Beaple occurs several times in Yeo research, as a surname and as a forename:

A) Sara Beaple was one of two people who witnessed the 1675 nuncupative (i.e. verbal) will of William Yeo of Northam, and Ethaldred Beaple helped to compile an inventory of William’s possessions for the administrators of his estate after the will failed probate. William has not been linked to any of the lines listed in these notes or set out in the linked PDF file.

B) John Yeo of Huish married Agnes Beaple at Northam in 1692; they had a son William Yeo.

C) Beaple Yeo was baptised at Northam in 1720, the youngest son of William Yeo and Ann Gover. He was a second cousin of George Yeo (1712–1750), the father of Edward Rooe Yeo (1742–1782). Beaple Yeo and his second wife Mary Roch had one son, William Mounier Yeo, who married Phillis Arundell O’Neill.

D) A second Beaple Yeo was baptised at Clifton in Gloucestershire in 1797; the second son of William Mounier Yeo and Phillis Arundell O’Neill and a grandson of the Beaple Yeo in C above.

The Yeo estates at Huish passed out of Yeo hands in the late 18th century, when they were sold by Edward Rooe Yeo, apparently brought about by his inability to meet his large personal debts. He had at one time been Member of Parliament for Coventry.

On Edward’s death in 1782, the Yeo title passed to his cousin Beaple Yeo (see C above). Beaple later became rector of Atherington.

Beaple Yeo and his second wife Mary Roch had one son, William Mounier Yeo, whose second son Beaple Yeo (see B above) lived in Clifton before moving to Atherington about 1832. Beaple had an illegitimate son William Henry Yeo, baptised at St Peter, Barnstaple in 1834 and later known as William Henry Morgan. William’s fascinating story, originally researched by Angela Morgan in 2014, is described by her in the PDF file linked below. The index includes the individuals included in this pedigree.

William Henry – the Yeo who became a Morgan.pdf
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