John Yeo and Emma Selwood

John Yeo (1854–1948) was born in Barnstaple, the third of six children of John Yeo and Elizabeth Brace. Emma Selwood was born in Bristol in 1856 to parents John Selwood and Mary Hitchcock.

John and Emma married in Cardiff in 1877. They had two children in Wales:
– John Yeo (1877–1963)
– Emma Yeo (1878–1958).

They then emigrated to the United States with their two children. They settled in Michigan, where they had six further children:
– Harry Yeo (1881–1966, married Grace Hargo)
– Elizabeth Yeo (1883–1964, married William May)
– Thomas Yeo (1885–1954, married Hilda Johnson Hovland, three children)
– George Yeo (1887–1972, married Lydia Mary Butts, three children including Clyde Henry Yeo, 1917–1989)
– Albert Yeo (1888–1979, married Ona Struthers, four children)
– Jane Yeo (1889–1980, married Carlile Williams).

John and Emma moved to Minnesota and took up farming. Six more children were born there:
– Robert Yeo (see below)
– Edward Yeo (1893–1945, married Clara Josephine Lean, three children)
– Myra Yeo (1894–1996, married George Heine)
– Ruth Yeo (1896–1975, married Howard Green)
– May Yeo (1897–1980, married Chadburn Huntingdon)
– Charles Yeo (1901–1979, married Elia Paez, one daughter).

Robert Yeo (1892–1977, son of John Yeo and Emma Selwood) married Anna Elizabeth Dick at Tacoma in Washington state in 1919. They had four children:
– Dick Selwood Yeo (1920–2002, married Edna Taylor Johnson, five children)
– Roberta Yeo (1921–1995, married Donald Rider)
– Eva Ruth Yeo (1923–1975, married Gervaise White)
– Mabel Yeo (born 1928).

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