William Boyd Yeo

William Boyd Yeo was born in London in 1899. After serving in the Royal Navy during the First World War, he emigrated to the United States in 1919. He married American-born Mary Sarah Hobson and had at least three children:
– William John Yeo (1923–2011, married Lorraine Teresa Parow)
– Patricia Yeo
– Arthur Francis Yeo (1934–1989)

William Boyd Yeo’s parents were Charles Yeo (1875–1956) and Alice Maud Augarde, who married in Lambeth in 1894. William is recorded as a painter in the 1946 marriage record of his son William.

William Boyd Yeo’s paternal grandparents appear to have been Edward Yeo and Rosina Elizabeth Coles, whose marriage took place at the parish church of St James, Islington on 6 October 1870 and who were living in the Regents Park area of London in 1891. Sheila recorded this marriage, and suggested that Edward had been born in Hoxton in 1847, but was not able to link the family to any of the researched Yeo lines.

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