Thomas Yeo and Grace Ashton

Thomas Yeo of Bradworthy (1764–1834) was a grandson of Thomas Yeo and Elizabeth Gist, who form part of an extensively researched family.

Their descendant Mary Elizabeth Jessie Yeo drew up a pedigree of his family in 1907, and Carol Hudd has investigated some of the 19th- and 20th-century lines of descent.

Thomas married Grace Ashton in 1790; he farmed land at Bradworthy and in the adjacent parish of Kilkhampton, and it was in Bradworthy that his eight children were baptised:
– Grace Yeo (1790–1794)
– Benjamin Yeo (1792–1856, a brewer and innkeeper, married Elizabeth Jeffery, no children)
– Francis Ashton Yeo (see below)
– Elizabeth Yeo (see John Pippy and Elizabeth Yeo)
– Thomas Yeo (see Thomas Yeo and Mary Cole)
– Grace Yeo (1800–1828, married William Smeeth, five children)
– Dorcas Yeo (1803–1804)
– Lawrence Yeo (1807–1830).

Francis Ashton Yeo (1794–1829, son of Thomas Yeo and Grace Ashton), married Harriet Moone Body at Callington on 1817; their infant son George Yeo and his mother died in 1819. Francis then married Elizabeth Achim (née Shepherd) at Holsworthy in 1820; they had two sons:
– Francis Yeo (1820–1858, married Sarah Curtis, son Francis Yeo, 1844–1859)
– John Shepherd Yeo (see below).

John Shepherd Yeo (1822–1887, son of Francis Ashton Yeo and Elizabeth Achim née Shepherd) moved to London where John worked as a shoemaker. He married Amelia Skinner in 1842 and had six children:
– Amelia Sarah Yeo (1843–1929)
– John Shepherd Yeo (1847–1900, married Celia Louisa Watson)
– Benjamin Yeo (1849–1852)
– Elizabeth Caroline Yeo (1852–1904, married Henry York)
– Francis Richard Yeo (1859–1941, married Alice Maude Hussey, four children)
– Susannah Alice Yeo (1865–1934, married Frederick Staines Davey and Henry William Putt).

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