Richard Yeo and Elizabeth Penfound

Richard Yeo (1834–1903, son of Richard Yeo and Ann Saunders) married Elizabeth Penfound at Stratton on 14 July 1859. They had four children:
– Mary Jane Yeo (1860–1911, did not marry)
– Emily Yeo (born 1863, appears to have died as an infant)
– Sarah Ann Yeo (born 1865)
– Thomas Yeo (see below).
The 1881 census for Stratton records the family living in Maiden Street, with Richard’s occupation as a postman and shoemaker [note 1]. Three of their children are with them.

Thomas Yeo (born 1868, married twice. His first wife was Fanny Louisa Diner, who he married at Stratton in 1875 [note 2]; after her death he emigrated to Ontario, and married Kate Chisholm at Hamilton in 1918. No children are recorded from either marriage.

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1. There is a connection through Richard Yeo’s mother to the Saunders family, who were shoemakers in Stratton. Sheila looked into Richard and Elizabeth for a correspondent in 2003. They also featured on a pedigree drawn up by Frederick George Congdon, who emigrated to Australia in the late 19th century. Frederick’s mother’s surname was Penfound and seems to have been related to Elizabeth.
2. Fanny died in 1890. Her name was recorded as Louisa Dinner when her marriage was registered and as Louisa Yeo when her death were registered.