James Yeo and Martha Thomas

James Yeo (1807–1872, youngest son of James Yeo and Elizabeth Eastman) married Martha Thomas at the parish church of St Justinian in Frestrop, Pembrokeshire on 23 August 1828. Thy were both previously unmarried and they married by banns, so were both resident in the parish. They both made their mark rather than signing.

James and Martha baptised six children at Freystrop:
– Margaret Yeo (baptised 1829)
– Lettica Yeo (1831–1881, married John Hurst in Lancashire in 1860)
– James Yeo (baptised 1833)
– Richard Yeo (see below)
– Joseph Yeo (born 1839)
– Martha Yeo (born 1842, married John Lloyd Davis)
– Sarah Yeo (1845–1922, married Absalom James)

The 1861 census records James and Martha at Freystop, where they appear to have lived for the rest of their lives. James is a 54-year-old master blacksmith, Martha is 57 and their children Martha (age 18) and Joseph (age 21) are living with them.

Richard Yeo (1837–1870, son of James Yeo and Martha Thomas) married Sarah Young at the parish church in Rosemarket, Pembrokeshire on 9 August 1863. Like his father, Richard was a blacksmith, but unlike his father he could write; he and Sarah both signed the register. They had five children:
– Alfred Yeo (1864–1897)
– James Yeo (1865–1937)
– Margaret Yeo (born 1867)
– Joseph Yeo (1869–1942, married Eliza Bennett, five children)
– Richard Yeo (born 1869).

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