John Yeo and Mary Stilson

Devon emigrant John Yeo settled in New York city and married Mary Stilson in the early 1830s. They had four children:
– Arthur Yeo (born 1835, died as a child)
– Ella Yeo (born 1836, died as a child)
– Frank Stilson Yeo (see below)
– Elizabeth Stilson Yeo (1856–1940).

Frank Stilson Yeo (1849–1924, son of John Yeo and Mary Stilson) married Catherine Hill. They had one son:
– George Yeo (see below).

George Yeo (1877–1950, son of Frank Stilson Yeo and Catherine Hill) married Edna Belle Thomas in Lyons, New York in 1898. They had two children:
– Catherine Yeo (born 1902–1993, married William Henry Rockford)
– Glenn Arthur Yeo (1906–1984, married Mabel Shepherd).

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