Lawrence David Yeo of New York City

We have only sketchy details of the life of Lawrence David Yeo. He was born in New York on 18 November 1930, and the 1940 census records him living in a children’s home. He joined the U.S. Navy at the age of 17 and lived until 2012.

Lawrence David Yeo’s grandfather Harry Edgar Yeo had emigrated to Canada and married Ida May Walsh at Simcoe, Ontario in 1924; he lived until 1961. Research undertaken by Sheila a number of years ago records Harry’s wife as Doris Gertrude Broadmeadow, so which is correct or did he marry both women?

Harry Edgar Yeo – born in Lancashire in 1902 – was a son of Crispin Yeo (1876–1942), who had married Rachel Davis in Lancashire in 1901. Again, Sheila’s research shows a different wife: Doris Ray.

Crispin Yeo’s parents were William Yeo and Mary Ann Wyatt.

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