John Yeo and Ellen Walters

John Yeo (1839–1876) [note 1] married Ellen Walters at Lochinvar, New South Wales in 1862.

John and Ellen settled at Elong Elong and had seven children:
– John Walters Yeo (see John Leslie Yeo and Helen Gavel)
– James Alfred Yeo (see below)
– Hannah Elizabeth Yeo (1866–1935, married Arthur James Richardson)
– Ellen Ada Yeo (1868–1895, married Charles Richardson)
– William Hamilton Yeo (1871–1931, married Ettie Gordon, nine children including Isabel Ada Ellen Yeo, see photograph below)
– Ernest Thomas Yeo (see Ernest Thomas Yeo and Anna Lydia Inder)
– Amelia Ada Yeo (1875–1952).

Isabel Ada Ellen Yeo married Frank Wigglesworth at Narromine, New South Wales in 1930. © Belinda Sharkey 2020

James Alfred Yeo (1864–1934, son of John Yeo and Ellen Walters, married Letitia May Bradley at Dubbo, New South Wales in 1896 and had ten children, including:
– James Hamilton Bradley Yeo (1905–1945, married Madeline McCleod, three children)
– William John Brennan Yeo (1907–1981, married René French, one daughter)
– Winston Stansbury Yeo (1917–1994, married Grace Gertrude Phelan, five children).

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1. John might have been the eldest son of Richard Yeo and Petronella Tossell. Confirmation required, including confirmation of his date of birth.