James Yeo and Elizabeth Upham

James Yeo (1773–1835) was a great grandson of Andrew Yeo and Prudence Avery of Hatherleigh and Beaford. He married Elizabeth Upham at Dawlish in 1805; they baptised seven children there:
– Mary Yeo (baptised c1805)
– Ann Yeo (baptised c1806)
– Grace Yeo (baptised 1807)
– John Yeo (see below)
– Elizabeth Yeo (see below)
– James Yeo (baptised 1813, married Eliza Coleman, two daughters)
– Alice Yeo (baptised 1818, married Samuel Snow).

John Yeo (baptised 1809, son of James Yeo and Elizabeth Upham) married Elizabeth Batstone at Kinsgsteignton in 1837. Their six children were born there:
– Jane Batstone Yeo (born 1838)
– William Yeo (born 1840, moved to London, married Hannah Templeman, six children)
– Henry Yeo (see Henry Yeo and Jane Lee)
– Helena Maria Yeo (see below)
– Charles James Yeo (see below)
– John Yeo (1851–1930, married Elizabeth Kate Maclean, emigrated to Canada, son George Percy Yeo born 1889 in Toronto).

Elizabeth Yeo (1811–1893) married William Hole. Sheila was able to make contact with two of their descendants.

Charles James Yeo (1848–1905, son of John Yeo and Elizabeth Batstone) moved to London, where he married Jane Caterer Allen in 1878. The 1891 census for Norwood, Middlesex records the family at Tiddesley’s Cottages. Charles is a 43-year-old labourer in a gas works, his wife Jane is 40, and children Charles J. (age 12), Elizabeth J. (10), Grace (9), John H. (7), Harry (6), Mary J. (4) and Alice (0) are listed with them.

Charles and Jane had nine children. The first four were born at Brentford:
– Emily Jane Yeo (born 1876 needs confirmation)
– Charles John Yeo (1878–1934)
– Elizabeth Jane Yeo (born 1880, married Sydney Cooke)
– Grace Yeo (1882–1972, married Reuben Sweales)
and the other five at Southall:
– John Henry Yeo (see below)
– Harry Yeo (born 1885),
– Mary Jane Yeo (born 1887, married Jack Allen in Hammersmith in 1910)
– Alice Yeo (born 1890, married Henry Stevens)
– William James Yeo (born 1892).

Helena Maria Yeo (1845–1934, daughter of John Yeo and Elizabeth Batstone) moved to London, and is recorded as a servant in the 1861 census [note 1]. She married William White at the parish church in Upton cum Chalvey, Buckinghamshire on 31 August 1865.

John Henry Yeo (1884–1967, son of Charles John Yeo and Jane Caterer Allen) married Grace Maud Beasley in 1914. They had five children, whose births were registered at Uxbridge:
– Grace Annie Yeo (born 1915, married Charles Evans)
– Frances Rose Yeo (born 1917, married William Hazelgrove)
– Kathleen Jane Yeo (born 1921)
– Harry James Yeo (1924–2007, married Beryl May Grace, two sons)
– Arthur David Yeo (born 1926, died as an infant).

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1. Helena is living at 4 Bloomsbury Square in the household of William Middleton, a 36-year-old coach builder, whose wife Mary Ann is 39. Her age is over-stated as 19 and her birthplace inaccurately recorded as Dawlish.