Albert James Richard Yeo and Harriet Emma Dean

Albert James Richard Yeo (1873–1949, son of James Yeo and Harriet March) married Harriet Emma Bloodworth Dean at Pontypridd in 1893. Their twelve children included:
– Richard Francis Yeo (1894–1949, married Ester Elizabeth Adams, three sons)
– Alfred George Yeo (1898–1965, married Barbara Frances Roberts)
– James Henry Yeo (1900–1972, married Vera May Potter, three sons)
– Henry Arthur Yeo (1902–1985, married Elizabeth Douglas, four sons)
– Edward Aubrey Yeo (1904–1978), married Florence Jones, four sons)
– Trevor Victor Yeo (1915–1979, married Olive Jarvis, two sons).

The 1939 Register records Albert and Harriet in Pontypridd, at 5 Llantrisant Road. Albert is a 66-year-old retired colliery worker and 65-year-old Harriet is the only other member of the household.

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