Several prominent Yeo families lived in the north Cornwall town of Stratton in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Nicholas Yeo and his wife Elizabeth Monk had sons Robert Yeo, William Yeo, Roger Yeo, Nicholas Yeo and John Yeo.

Nicholas Yeo junior is referred to in several documents as Nicholas Yeo ‘of East Bridge’ or ‘of Bridge’, presumably an indication of where he lived in relation to the bridge over the River Strat. This river was navigable at the time, and was used to transport goods and materials to what was in the past a prosperous market town.

John Yeo, eldest son of Nicholas Yeo of East Bridge, and Walter Yeo, the second son, were prominent in the town. The extensive inventory drawn up by Walter’s executors included cloth, livestock and spices.

These families had connections outside the town, to Hartland in north Devon and to Exeter. Humphrey Yeo, sixth son of Nicholas Yeo of East Bridge, was made a freeman of the city of Exeter in 1603.

Walter Yeo’s son John Yeo married Thomasine Call at Bridgerule in 1596. He held land at Burwood in Stratton, at Lana in Pyworthy, and elsewhere.

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