James Yeo and Elizabeth Yeo of Swimbridge

There have been a few marriages where the groom and bride both have the surname Yeo.

One took place at Swimbridge in 1838, when James Yeo of Bydown (1816–1883, son of James Yeo and Elizabeth Shapland) married Elizabeth Yeo of Yarnacott (1812–1879, daughter of John Yeo and Jane Yeo Philpot). Their eight children were born at Swimbridge:
– Mary Ann Yeo (1837–1893, married John Russell)
– John Yeo (see John Yeo and Ellen Walters)
– James Yeo (see below)
– Thomas Yeo (1844–1922, married Margaret Jackson, nine children)
– Henry Yeo (1846–1867)
– George Yeo (1847–1908, married Lydia Whitton, seven children)
– William Yeo (born 1849, married Emily Kirby, no recorded children)
– Michael Yeo (born 1851).
James and Elizabeth emigrated with their children to Australia on the James Baines.

James Yeo (born at Swimbridge in 1841, son of James Yeo and Elizabeth Yeo) emigrated to Australia with his parents and married Mary Alice Whitton at Mudgee, New South Wales in 1871. They had twelve children:
– Alice Florence Yeo (1873–1953, did not marry)
– James Bydown Yeo (see below)
– John William Yeo (1878–1965, married Sarah Vanda Douglas, no recorded children)
– Thomas Whitton Yeo (1879–1971, married Ida Gladys Court, three children)
– Alfred Ernest Yeo (1881–1974, married Hilda Attenborough, two daughters)
– Henry Arthur Yeo (born 1882)
– Joseph Charles Yeo (1881–1967, married Margaret Ives, two children)
– Edith Sarah Yeo (1886–1983, married Ernest Payne)
– Minnie Margaret Yeo (1888–1973, married Samuel Boughton)
– Frederick Hamilton Yeo (1890–1936)
– Eva Yeo (born 1891)
– Ellen Elizabeth Yeo (born 1892).

James Bydown Yeo (1874–1967, son of James Yeo and Mary Alice Whitton), married Catherine Smith at Wellington, New South Wales in 1903. They had one son:
– James Norman Yeo (1906–1968, married Florence Edna Bernie, two children).

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