Joseph Yeo and Ann Westcott

Joseph Yeo, a grandson of Robert Yeo and Jane Hurchill of South Tawton, was baptised at South Tawton in 1805. He married Ann Westcott at Tedburn St Mary in 1836 and had six children there:
– George Yeo (see below)
– Mary Jane Yeo (born 1841)
– William Yeo (see below)
– Ann Yeo (born 1848, married Henry John Reeve)
– Susan Yeo (1852–1861)
– Joseph Yeo (1856–1930, married Lucy Mary Strong, five children).

George Yeo (1838–1887, son of Joseph Yeo and Ann Westcott) married Jane Hill in 1867. Their descendants in the Brighton area were researched by Sheila in 2007 following information received from a correspondent. George and Jane lived in Cheriton Bishop and had ten children there:
– John Yeo (1867–1944, married Edith Louisa Underhill, five children)
– George Yeo (1870–1962, married Lucy Evans, three children)
– Mary Jane Yeo (born 1871, son Owen George Yeo, see Owen George Yeo and Annie Balsom)
– Jessie Yeo (born 1874, married Charles Arthur Popplewell in London in 1902)
– William James Yeo (1876–1970, moved to Bristol and married Margaret Alexander, two children)
– Charles George Frederick Yeo (1879–1976, moved to Sussex and married Helen Perry, five children)
– Alfred Yeo (see Alfred Yeo and Sarah Ann Caroline Burtenshaw)
– Albert Henry Yeo (1883–1940)
– Ernest Joseph Yeo (1886–1951, moved to Bristol and married Nellie Moore, three children)
– Lucy Ann Yeo (born 1888, married William Reynolds).

William Yeo (1843–1920, son of Joseph Yeo and Ann Westcott) married Mary Ann Powlesland in 1866. They lived initially at Cheriton Bishop, where they had four children:
– Ann Yeo (born 1867)
– William Yeo (born 1870)
– Albert Yeo (born 1871, married Lucy March, three children)
– Florence Yeo (born 1875, married George Henry Edgar Pitts)
before moving to Stokeinteignhead and having three more children there:
– Joseph Yeo (1878–1944, married Alice Bennett)
– Mary Elizabeth Yeo (born 1879)
– Frederic George Yeo (1893–1956).

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