John Yeo and Joanna Keenor

Sheila’s correspondent Ann Andersen sent her a pedigree of this family in 2002.

John Yeo (baptised at Inwardleigh in 1767) was a great grandson of Thomas Yeo and Elizabeth Hancock. He married Joanna Keenor at the parish church at Jacobstow, near Launceston in 1799 and they baptised ten children at the same church:
– William Keenor Yeo (1800–1800)
– Elizabeth Yeo (1801–1802)
– William Keenor Yeo (1801–1802)
– John Yeo (see Luxmoore Yeos)
– Mary Ann Yeo (1805–1869, married George Helson)
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised 1807)
– William Yeo (see William Yeo and Grace Soper)
– Thomas Yeo (1811–1885)
– Maria Yeo (1813–1901, married Robert Helson)
– Isaac Yeo (see Luxmoore Yeos).

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