James Yeo and Susannah Poole

Sheila researched this family with a correspondent in 2002.

James Yeo – originally from Torquay – moved to London and married Susannah Poole in Marylebone in 1831. They had five children in London:
– Ann Yeo (born 1834, married William Garrett, two sons)
– George Patterson Yeo (1835–1837)
– Richard McCartney Yeo (1837–1837)
– James Yeo (1838–1894, married Lydia Mary Hicks, eight children)
– Susannah Yeo (born 1841)

and then moved to Northampton, where they had four further children:
– George Yeo (1842–1898, married Sarah Ann Ellender, one son)
– Richard Yeo (1844–1847)
– William Yeo (born 1846, married Martha Whiffen, five children including William Dearing Yeo)
– Henry Yeo (born 1849)

James and Susannah moved back to London; the 1851 census records them in the parish of St Sepulchre. James is a 45-year-old shoemaker; with him are his 42-year-old wife Susannah and children Ann (18), James (14), Susannah (11), George (9), Richard (6), William (4) and Henry (18 months). The eldest three children are shoemakers.

They then had a another daughter:
– Elizabeth Frances Yeo (born 1854)

The parents of James Yeo senior, according to Sheila’s correspondent, were George Yeo and Elizabeth Barnsby, but this information might not be accurate.

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