William Yeo and Jane Fanson

Sheila worked on this pedigree with correspondents Carl Pontifex and Marion McQuay in 1995.

They established that William Yeo (1794–1874, son of William Yeo and Margery Rowell and grandson of Thomas Yeo and Mary Featherstone) had married Jane Fanson at Pancrasweek in 1824. They had three children there before emigrating with them to Ontario:
– Thomas Yeo (see below)
– William Yeo (see William Yeo and Susan Wonnacott)
– John Yeo (born 1831)
They had four further children after the family emigrated:
– Mary Jane Yeo (1834–1907, married James Moore)
– Elizabeth Yeo (1836–1912, married Richard Docking)
– Samuel Yeo (born 1839)
– James Henry Yeo (see below).

Thomas Yeo (1824–1907, son of William Yeo and Jane Fanson) emigrated to Ontario, where he married Elizabeth Ann Babb in 1846. They had ten children:
– John Henry Yeo (see below)
– Elizabeth Ann Yeo (1848–1890, married Henry Lisk)
– Samuel Yeo (see below)
– William Yeo (1852–1925)
– James Yeo (1853–1935)
– Thomas Albert Yeo (1854–1932, married Rebecca Jane Noble, twelve children)
– Henry Yeo (1856–1935, married Elizabeth Hambley) [note 1]
– Richard Babb Yeo (see below)
– Albert Allen Yeo (1863–1951)
– Benjamin Wesley Yeo (1868–1965, married Ida Pricella Ann Yeo [note 2], ten children).

James Henry Yeo (1841–1914), married Mary Ann Jewell in Mitchell, Ontario in 1868. They had seven children:
– Albert Ernest Yeo (1869–1949, see under Russell James Yeo and Winona Irene Berry)
– Mary Elizabeth Yeo (1871–1892)
– William Franklin Yeo (1873–1945, married Violet Mabel Bishop, son Melvin Stanley Yeo born 1909)
– Alfred Edward Yeo (1875–1910)
– Walter James Yeo (born 1878, died as a child)
– Ida Jane Yeo (1880–1968, married James Stanley Farquharson)
– John Wesley Yeo (1882–1967, married Minnie Lashbrook, no recorded children).

John Henry Yeo (1847–1907, son of Thomas Yeo and Elizabeth Ann Babb) married Mary Jemima Lambkin in Hepworth, Ontario in 1869. They had six children:
– Mary Anne Yeo (1870–1953, married Richard Albert Hopkins)
– Thomas Henry Yeo (1873–1951, married Eliza Hackett Randle, twelve children)
– Leonard James Yeo (see below)
– Emily Jane Yeo (1878–1977, married Roderick Brian Reid)
– John Wesley Yeo (born 1881)
– Sarah Alice Yeo (1885–1955, married Charles Walter Cropley).

Samuel Yeo (1850–1933, son of Thomas Yeo and Elizabeth Ann Babb) married Mary Jane Hambley in Hepworth, Ontario in 1871. Their nine children included:
– Samuel William Yeo (see below).

Richard Babb Yeo (1860–1951, son of Thomas Yeo and Elizabeth Ann Babb) married Sarah Jane Lambkin at Owen Sound, Ontario on 9 July 1880. They had eight children:
– Arthur Yeo (1881–1959, married Martha Watson)
– Leonard Augustus Benjamin Yeo (1883–1980)
– Albert Sylvester Yeo (1887–1971, married Clara Louisa Schmidt, five children)
– Melissa Adeline Jane Yeo (1890–1952, married Ezra William Howes)
– Thomas Herman Yeo (1892–1983, moved to Utah, married Harriet Edna Willets in 1945, one son)
– Emma Rebecca Yeo (1897–1982, married George Ross Woolger)
– James Richard Yeo (1899–1979, married Florence Dormer)
– Mary Ann Yeo (1901–1990, married Gordon Brooks).
Richard Babb Yeo, now a widower, is listed at Mills, Ontario in the 1931 census. He is a farmer aged 70; with him are his son Thomas Herman Yeo (37, a farm labourer) and his sister-in-law Charlotte Biender.

Leonard James Yeo (1875–1965, son of John Henry Yeo and Mary Jemima Lambkin) moved to Swan Lake, Manitoba. He married Alice Mary Maud Clifton in 1912; they had seven children:
– Douglas James Yeo (born 1910, married Mildred Kathleen Sholdice, five children)
– Beatrice May Yeo (1912–1980, married Roy Johnson Hughson)
– Harold John Yeo (1914–1998, married Nellie Dean, three children)
– Leonard Hugh Yeo (1916–2000, married Marjorie Jean Mason, five children)
– Earl Clifton Yeo (see below)
– Wilbert Keith Yeo (born 1922, married Joan Elmes, three children)
– Kenneth George Yeo (born 1926, married Beverley Marilyn Smith, four children).

Samuel William Yeo (1879–1962, son of Samuel Yeo and Mary Jane Hambley) married Emily Gresley in Yorkton, Saskatchewan in 1904. They had six children:
– Harold Yeo (born 1904, died as an infant)
– Norma Mildred Tamar Yeo (1908–1999, married John Boyd and Thomas Rowe)
– Earnest Earl Yeo (1912–1985)
– Samuel John Yeo (1914–1983)
Frederick Cecil Yeo
– Irving Franklin Yeo (1924–1998).

Earl Clifton Yeo (1917–1971, son of Leonard James Yeo and Alice Mary Maud Clifton) moved to Scotland. He married Joyce Mackay Mathieson at Dornock, Sutherland in 1943 and they had a son:
– James John Yeo (born 1947)
before returning to Manitoba, where they had a daughter:
– Beatrice Ann Yeo (born 1951).

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1. Henry and Elizabeth are buried at Boyd’s Cemetery near Keppel, Ontario. Their headstone also commemorates ‘Ann Bable, wife of Thomas Yeo’, who has not been identified.
2. Marriage recorded at Louise, Manitoba on 31 October 1898. Confirmation of her identity required.