William Yeo and Ann Hancock

William Yeo, the eldest son of Richard Yeo and Honor Bynes, was baptised in Holsworthy in 1738. He lived most of his life at Milton Damerel, where he was buried in 1778.

William married Ann Hancock at West Putford in 1761. They baptised seven children at Milton Damerel:
– Jane Yeo (1761–1779)
– James Yeo (baptised 1763, no record of a marriage, possibly a son James Yeo)
– Thomas Yeo (1765–1765)
– Henry Yeo (see below)
– Grace Yeo (1768–1768)
– John Yeo (1778–1778)
– Ann Yeo (baptised 1776)
and baptised a son at Newton St Petrock:
– Thomas Yeo (see below).

Henry Yeo (1767–1825, son of William Yeo and Ann Hancock) married Mary Dayman and baptised five children at Buckland Brewer:
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised 1802)
– Henry Yeo (baptised 1802)
– Thomas Yeo (see Thomas Yeo and Mary Elliot)
– John Yeo (see below)
– James Yeo (baptised 1809, lived at Chilsworthy, no recorded children, possibly a wife Mary Ann).

Thomas Yeo (baptised 1770, son of William Yeo and Ann Hancock) married Jane Allin and had six children, including:
– Thomas Yeo (1806–1882, married Jane Yelland in 1837, no recorded children)
– William Allin Yeo (baptised 1815 at Newton St Petrock).

John Yeo (1807–1892, son of Henry Yeo and Mary Dayman) married Susanna Taylor at Pancrasweek in 1829. They farmed at Chilsworthy, and had three children:
– Grace Yeo (1836–1924, married William Stevens)
– Thomas Yeo (born 1842)
– Henry Yeo (born 1843).

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