Roger Yeo and Maria Pinsent

Roger Yeo (1786–1872, son of James Yeo and Elizabeth Chapple) married Maria Pinsent at the parish church of St Mary, Wolborough in 1814. Their marriage record shows that they were both previously unmarried and that Roger was not resident in the parish, but was ‘of the Castle Precincts [parish] in the City of Bristol’. The bride was fifteen years old and needed the permission of her father Thomas Pinsent to marry.

Roger and Maria had thirteen children. Betsy Maria was baptised at Wolborough, Thomas Roger in Bristol, Caroline, Mary Elizabeth and Eleanor at Tawstock, and the other children at Swimbridge:
– Betsy Maria Yeo (1815–1897, married Joseph Matthews)
– Thomas Roger Yeo (1817–1899, married Maria Bartlett Sherwell in London in 1844, no recorded children)
– John Yeo (1819–1829)
– Caroline Yeo (1820–1839)
– James Yeo (1822–1879, married Eliza Bashill and Eliza Burfitt, seven children)
– William Yeo (1824–1895, emigrated with his parents, married Isabella Harriet Leitch, eight children)
– Mary Elizabeth Yeo (1826–1922, married Alfred Allen)
– Eleanor Yeo (baptised 1828, died as an infant)
– Christopher Antisell Yeo (1829–1914, married Frances Ann Burfitt, eight children [note 1])
– John Yeo (1831–1877, married Elizabeth Bradurst, one daughter)
– Maria Yeo (1833–1895, emigrated with her parents, married James Burnside)
– George Pinsent Yeo (1836–1841)
– Hannah Yeo (1837–1893, emigrated with her parents)
– Emma Yeo (1838–1927, married James Ingram Burfitt).

Roger and Maria emigrated to Australia in 1839 on the SS Ameila Thompson with three of their children (as indicated above) and settled at Bathurst in New South Wales. Their sons Christopher Antisell Yeo (apparently named after Christopher Antisell, who was married to his aunt Mary Yeo) and John Yeo emigrated later.

Maria Yeo died at Bathurst in 1864. Roger Yeo survived her by eight years and is buried at Wellington, some 75 miles to the north, where his son Christopher Antisell Yeo had settled.

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1. Including James Christopher Yeo (1868–1951) and Thomas Roger Yeo (1877–1963).