Joseph Yeo and Jane Giffard

Joseph Yeo, son of Humphrey Yeo and Agnes Wheeler, was baptised at Shebbear in 1607. He married Jane Giffard at Shebbear in 1641 and was buried there in 1689.

Joseph and Jane had seven children, including:
– Humphrey Yeo (see below)
– William Yeo (born c1640, married Mary Smale at Shebbear in 1677, and was buried there in 1685, no recorded children)
– Mary Yeo (born c1646)
– John Yeo (see John Yeo – the first Anglican minister in Maryland).

Humphrey Yeo (born c1635, son of Joseph Yeo and Jane Giffard) married [note 1] and had one son:
– Humphrey Yeo (see below).

Humphrey Yeo, son of Humphrey Yeo, baptised six children [note 2] at Littleham, near Bideford:
– Thomas Yeo (see Thomas Yeo and Jane Courtis)
– Prudence Yeo (baptised 1718)
– Humpry Yeo (baptised 1721, died as a child)
– Joan Yeo (baptised 1723)
– Elisabeth Yeo (baptised 1725)
– John Yeo (baptised 1727).

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1. The name of Humphrey’s wife (assuming that he married) is not known.
2. The baptism records identify Humphrey’s wife as Prudence. But as no record of the marriage has been found, her surname has not been identified.