William Yeo and Margery Rowell

Vivian Skipper supplied information about this family to Sheila in 2001.

William Yeo (1763–1831, a descendant of John Yeo and Frances Holman of Launcells, was baptised in the parish of St Stephen, near Launceston on 15 November 1767. He made his living as a cordwainer, making and repairing leather boots and shoes.

From a transcription made by Humphrey Toms during a visit to England in 1973, we know of the marriage of William Yeo and Margery Rowell at Milton Damerel on 18 September 1791. The groom is recorded in the parish register as a labourer (so did he take up shoemaking later in life?) and the bride as a spinster. The record, with less detail, is also in the IGI.

There were four sons from William’s two marriages. From his marriage to Margery Rowell there were three and the only record of their baptisms is from a bishop’s transcript of the parish register:
– John Yeo, baptised at Holsworthy on 9 July 1794
– William Yeo, baptised at Holsworthy on the same day as his brother John; see William Yeo and Jane Fanson
– Thomas Yeo, baptised at Holsworthy on 5 January 1800 (the bishop’s transcript records his mother as Margaret), died 1818.

William’s wife Margery was buried at Milton Damerel in 1809. His second marriage (at Pancrasweek in 1811) was to Elizabeth Beckley. They had one son:
– Henry Yeo, baptised at Pancrasweek on 26 May 1811 (see below).
William was buried at Milton Damerel in 1831.

Henry Yeo (1811–1884, son of William Yeo and Elizabeth Beckley) emigrated to Canada, where he married Mary Cornforth Dobson. Their five children were born in Ontario:
– William Yeo (1849–1925, moved to Iowa, married Rachel Ward, five children)
– Henry Yeo (1854–1917, married Jane Elizabeth Wright, three children)
– John Cornforth Yeo (see below)
– Thomas Yeo (see below)
– Ruth Elizabeth Yeo (1860–1944, did not marry)
Henry and Mary lived in Molesworth, Ontario and are buried at Molesworth Cemetery. Sheila studied a line of descent through their son Henry Yeo, their grandson Percy Armstrong Yeo and their great grandson Floyd Yeo.

Thomas Yeo (1858–1931, son of Henry Yeo and Mary Cornforth Dobson) moved to the United States, where he married twice. His first marriage was to Mattie Bowland in Kansas in 1879; they had four children:
– Hettie Elizabeth Bowland Yeo (1879–1950)
– Allie Belle Yeo (1883–1904)
– Lawrence U. Yeo (1884–1919)
– William Henry Yeo (1886–1959, married Ellen Louisa Freeberg in 1909)
Thomas’s second wife was Cynthia Ellen Victoria Skyhock née Cox; they married in Dayton, Washington in 1898 and had four children:
– Hazel Yeo (1899–1976, married Clyde Presnall)
– Lillie Thelma Yeo (1901–2000, married Harry Reddick)
– Lora Madeleine Yeo (1905–1995, married Walter Kirschner)
– Helen Louise Yeo (born 1911).

John Cornforth Yeo (1856–1937, son of Henry Yeo and Mary Cornforth Dobson, married twice. His first marriage was to Jennie Moore in 1885; Jennie died the following year, four months after giving birth to their daughter:
– Gertrude Aletta Yeo (1886–1918, married William John Johnston)
John’s second marriage was to Regina Ruth Yeo in 1895; they had two children:
– Minnie Freida Yeo (1897–1976, marred Hector McPhail)
– Clifford Nelson Yeo (1903–1974, married Mary Isabelle Potter, no recorded children).

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