George Knowlson Yeo

George Knowlson Yeo was born in Liverpool on 14 March 1884, his birth recorded in the West Derby registration district. He married Emma Mary Tennant in 1909 (marriage recorded in the nearby Birkenhead registration district). He lived to the age of 71, dying on 18 November 1955 (death recorded in the Wallasey registration district).

George was from a family with its origins in north Devon and was descended from William Yeo and Frances Cliffe of Merton. His father George Henry Yeo had been born on the Isle of Wight on 7 February 1862 and had married Elizabeth Emma Taylor on 4 February 1883 (marriage recorded in the West Derby registration district). George Henry Yeo died in Surrey on 20 March 1935 leaving a will dated two years earlier.

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