Francis Joseph Yea and Philemonia Boyer

Francis Joseph Yea (1870–1930) was born at Ogdensburg in New York state in 1868. His parents have not been identified.

Francis married Philemonia Boyer at Ogdensburg in 1898. They had at least twelve children, including:
– Clifford Moses Yea (1899–1977, married Agnes Stacia Roberts [note 1])
– Francis Moses Yea (1903–1948)
– Alfred Joseph Yea (1907–1986, married Anna Richards, daughter Theresa Yea)
– Henry William Yea (1914–1944).

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1. Married at Buffalo in 1921. Several children, including Richard Arthur Yea (1921–1991), Elmer P. Yea (1923–2013) and Clifford Thomas Yea (1924–1963).