Francis Yeo and Ann Brooking

Francis Yeo was baptised at North Hill in 1769 to parents John Yeo and Elizabeth Harvey. He died in Plymouth in 1858.

Francis married twice. With his first wife Elizabeth Barnes (who he married in the Plymouth parish of Charles in 1791) he had three sons:
– Thomas Barber Yeo (baptised 1793 at Charles)
– Francis Yeo (baptised 1796 at Charles)
– John Yeo (see below)
and with his second wife Ann Brooking (who he married in the Plymouth parish of St Andrew in 1817) he had eleven children:
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised 1817 at Plymstock)
– Francis Yeo (1818–1849, married Caroline George [note 1], five children, emigrated to Quebec [note 2])
– John William Yeo (baptised 1824 at Stoke Damerel)
– William Henry Yeo (baptised 1827 at Stoke Damerel)
– Ann Yeo (baptised 1829 at Stoke Damerel, married William Ferraro)
– James Sanders Yeo (baptised 1830 at Stoke Damerel)
– Edward Yeo (born 1833)
– Jane Yeo (born 1835, married John Thomas Kemp)
– Edwin Yeo (1838–1898, moved to Liverpool, married Mary Brown, three daughters)
– Emma Yeo (born 1838)
– Charlotte Ellen Yeo (see Charlotte Ellen Yeo).

John Yeo (baptised 1811 at Stoke Damerel, son of Francis Yeo and Elizabeth Barnes) married Eliza Saunders. Their two children were born in Plymouth:
– Elizabeth Jane Yeo (born 1845)
– John Yeo (born 1848).

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1. Married at the parish church of Charles, Plymouth on 30 March 1840.
2. Their son Richard Francis Yeo (1840–1911) did not emigrate with them but instead went to Australia and had two sons with his wife Elizabeth.