John Yeo and Sarah Kelly

John Yeo (1801–1898), son of Thomas Yeo and Mary Heal) married Sarah Kelly at Marwood in 1822. They had nine children:
– Henry Yeo (see below)
– John Yeo (1824–1903, married Ann Lovering, six children)
– Thomas Yeo (1827–1872, married Mary Ann Kelly, six children)
– George Yeo (1829–1886, did not marry)
– William Yeo (1832–1894, married Sarah Laramy, seven children)
– Sarah Yeo (born 1834, did not marry)
– Mary Yeo (born 1836, did not marry)
– Samuel Yeo (1839–1912, married Ann Thorne and moved to south Wales, three children)
– Elizabeth Heal Yeo (1842–1862).

Henry Yeo (1823–1908, son of John Yeo and Sarah Kelly, lived at West Down near Ilfracombe and died in Cardiff in 1908. He married Rebecca Shambrook at West Down in 1853. Rebecca was a daughter of William and Ann Shambroke of West Down – her surname is spelt Shambroke on her marriage certificate but most other records of the family use the spelling Shambrook. Henry and Rebecca had seven children:
– William Henry Yeo (1854–1883, married Mary Vanstone and emigrated to Queensland, four children)
– Eliza Yeo (born 1857)
– Mary Ann Yeo (1858–1961)
– Henry Yeo (born 1860, married Annie Snow and moved to Staffordshire; died in south Wales in 1946, five children)
– James Yeo (see James Yeo and Eliza Ann Nichols)
– Elizabeth Yeo (1864–1940, married Henry Wensley)
– George Yeo (born 1867, married Mary Elizabeth Rudd and moved to Worcestershire, three children including George Spencer Yeo and William Ewart Yeo, see below).

George Spencer Yeo, born at Stourbridge in 1897, married Gertrude Whitehouse and had one daughter.

William Ewart Yeo, born at Stourbridge in 1899, married Frances Hutchinson and had one son, William George Leo Yeo (1926–1990).

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