Thomas Yeo and Mary Smitheram

Thomas Yeo (baptised at Tetcott in 1794) was a great grandson of Thomas Yeo and Mary Cullacote.

He married Mary Smitheram at Boyton in 1817 and they had six children:
– Emmanuel Yeo (baptised 1817 at Boyton)
– Ann Yeo (baptised 1820 at Tetcott)
– Grace Yeo (baptised 1825 at Tetcott)
– John Yeo (baptised 1828 at Tetcott)
– William Yeo (see below)
– Mary Yeo (born 1844, married Roger Adams).

William Yeo (born 1837, son of Thomas Yeo and Mary Smitheram) married Elizabeth Robins Treble in 1858. William’s work as a railway porter took him to Plympton, where he and Elizabeth had four children:
– William Henry Yeo (born 1861, married Elizabeth Ann Smerdon, two children)
– Emma Georgina Yeo (born 1863)
– Arthur John Yeo (born 1867, married Mary Smith, two daughters)
– Havelock James Yeo (1870–1871)
before moving to Totnes and having another son:
– John Treble Yeo (see below).

John Treble Yeo (1873–1934, son of William Yeo and Elizabeth Robins Treble) married Jane Adelaide Stoyle [notes 1, 2, 3]. They had three children:
– Gladys Mary Yeo (born 1895, married Charles Edward Woodward)
– Thomas John Yeo (born 1900, died as an infant)
– Wilfred Reginald Yeo (1904–1967, married Vera May Job, no recorded children).

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1. Jane’s birth had been registered as Adelaide Jane Stoyle at Islington in the third quarter of 1867, but she was recorded as Jane Adelaide Stoyle when she married John Treble Yeo in 1894 (marriage registered at Totnes in the third quarter).
2. John and Jane are recorded in the 1911 census at Ottery, a hamlet close to Lamerton and to the main road between Tavistock and Launceston. Also listed are their son Wilfred Reggie Yeo (age 6) and four-year-old nephew Leslie Frank Stoyle.
3. John and Jane are recorded in Kent in the 1921 census, at 142 Ramsgate Road, Margate in the household of their son-in-law Charles Woodward. John is a 48-year-old waiter working at a local boarding-house, Jane is 54, and their son Wilfred (age 16) is also listed. Others in the household include Leslie Frank Yeo (age 14, listed inaccurately as Charles’s brother-in-law), Charles’s 26-year-old wife Gladys Woodward and his niece Eveline Rose Stoyle (a 24-year-old visitor). John appears to have remained in the area after 1921, as his death was registered at Thanet.