John Yeo and Jane Yeo Philpot

This marriage, at Swimbridge in 1803, united two Yeo lines.

John Yeo, baptised at Swimbridge in 1772, was the third son of William Yeo and Margaret Bendle, and a great grandson of Samuel Yeo and Susanna Laney.

Jane Yeo Philpot (1782–1857) was the only daughter of Henry Philpot and Joan Yeo (see under William Yeo and Mary Fairchild).

John and Jane baptised six children at Swimbridge:
– Jane Yeo (baptised c1803)
– John Yeo (see below)
– Elizabeth Yeo (see James Yeo and Elizabeth Yeo)
– William Yeo (baptised 1815, married Grace Cooke, six children)
– Henry Yeo (see Henry Yeo and Elizabeth Aurther)
– Ann Yeo (baptised 1825).

John Yeo (1804–1836, son of John Yeo and Jane Yeo Philpot) married Alice Stribling at Swimbridge on 27 December 1824. They baptised five children at Swimbridge:
– William Yeo (1825–1891, married Mary Baker – see William Henry Baker Yeo and Mary Ann Peabody)
– John Yeo (1827–1848)
– Mary Ann Yeo (baptised 1830, married James Morris, son John Yeo Morris)
– Henry Yeo (baptised 1833, married Eliza Gough, no recorded children)
– James Yeo (see below).

James Yeo (1836–1907, son of John Yeo and Alice Stribling of Swimbridge) emigrated to Australia. He married Ann Russell at Maitland, New South Wales in 1856; they had twelve children):
– John Yeo (1867–1942, married Margaret Elizabeth Johnston, nine children)
– Mary Alice Yeo (1858–1934, married Charles Nott)
– David Yeo (1860–1937, married Agnes Mary Mason, nine children)
– James Yeo (1862–1958, married Annie Mason and Mary Elizabeth Chapman, twelve children)
– Emma Yeo (born 1863, died as an infant)
– Henry Yeo (1865–1956, married Harriett Matilda Nott, three children)
– George Yeo (born 1867, married Florence Mason, five children)
– Elizabeth Ann Yeo (1871–1961, married Daniel Atkins)
– Alfred Yeo (1873–1951, married Sarah Mason, seven children)
– Frederick William Yeo (1875–1939)
– Thurza Beatrice Yeo (born 1877, died as a child)
– Samuel Yeo (1880–1956, married Edith Roubina Chapman, seven children).

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