War deaths

These military and civilian deaths were recorded during the First and Second World Wars:

Arthur James Yeo (Greece, 1915)

Arthur Leonard Hussey Yeo (1939)

Arthur Thomas Yeo (1942)

Cecil James Yeo (1942)

Charles Yeo (India, 1915)

Charles Henry Yeo (London, 1940)

Charles Henry Yeo (New Guinea, 1942)

Claude Yeo (1916)

Claude Septimus Maitland Yeo (France, 1916)

Cyril Henry Yeo (1945)

David John Yeo (France, 1918)

Donald Yeo (1940)

Douglas Henry Yeo (1942)

Everard Lisle Yeo (France, 1916)

Frederick George William Yeo (Belgium, 1944)

George William Yeo (Netherlands, 1945)

Hubert Claud Cater Yeo (1916)

Leslie David Hussey Yeo (1943)

Lloyd Garfield Yeo (Kent, 1917)

Richard Daniel Yeo (France, 1944)

Sydney Thomas Yeo (France, 1916)

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