About Us

Martyn Yeo started researching in 1985, after becoming fascinated by a collection of family photographs, and worked closely with Sheila Yeo for over twenty years. His Yeo forebears were from north Devon and north-east Cornwall – they present a number of challenges that continue to perplex him. Martyn was pleased in October 2019 to accept the role of continuing the Yeo One-name Study, to set up this web site and to work on developing its content.

Sheila Yeo started researching in 1991 and registered the Yeo One-name Study in 1994. Her interest had been kindled by an investigation into the family of her husband, a descendant of a Yeo family from South Tawton in mid Devon. Sheila set up the Yeo Society web site in 2001; her records show that she added and updated the information on the site regularly for over fifteen years (see Research by Sheila Yeo). There was no formal ‘Yeo Society’, and no membership system, but the web site gave other researchers access to an invaluable range of resources and the opportunity to contribute their findings, which Sheila collated. She withdrew from the one-name study in October 2019 and died in May 2020. This web site perpetuates Sheila’s research legacy, and is dedicated to her memory.

Please use the Contact Us page to get in touch, or to ask about anything on Sheila’s former web site www.yeosociety.com, on which the genealogical information had not been updated since 2016.