Robert Marshall and Margaret Yeo

This couple married at Stratton on 1 October 1767. Margaret – baptised at Stratton in 1750 – was the fourth daughter of John Yeo and Grace Payne and a granddaughter of John Yeo and Margaret Gist.

Some researchers show an inaccurate line of descent for Margaret Yeo, wrongly identifying her as a daughter of Philip Yeo and Elizabeth Elliott. Others speculate on a connection to Margaret Marshall of St Genys, who married William Yeo of Worden, Shebbear around 1670.

The farmhouse at Trevigue in the parish of St Gennys. In the 17th century Trevigue was the home of William Marshall, whose daughter Margaret married William Yeo of Worden, Shebbear.
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Robert and Margaret baptised eleven children at Stratton between 1768 and 1791.

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