Robert Marshall and Margaret Yeo

Margaret Yeo – baptised at Stratton in 1750 – was the fourth daughter of John Yeo and Grace Payne [note 1] and a granddaughter of John Yeo and Margaret Gist of Howard, Stratton. She married Robert Marshall [note 2] at Stratton on 1 October 1767.

Robert and Margaret baptised eleven children at Stratton between 1768 and 1791. Their son Sampson Marshall (1791–1842) married twice and had at least fifteen children. With his first wife Mary Ann King he baptised these three sons:
– Sampson Yeo Marshall (see below)
– Edward Yeo Marshall (baptised 1828, died as an infant)
– Edward Yeo Marshall (baptised 1831).

Sampson Yeo Marshall (1824–1878) emigrated to Australia, where he married Ellen Eliza Ann Turnbull in 1849 and Annie Frances Louise Buck in 1865. With his first wife he had a son Yeoville Frederick Wright Marshall (1851–1917) whose first forename, while not one of the variants included in this study, certainly reflects his Yeo line of descent. Yeoville married Jane Beckett Hosie in Queensland in 1892; they had a son Yeoville Mohican Hotspur Marshall (1884–1865).

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We are grateful to Darlene Taylor for her help with this line.

1. Some researchers show an inaccurate line of descent for Margaret Yeo, wrongly identifying her as a daughter of Philip Yeo and Elizabeth Elliott.
2. Some researchers have speculated on a connection to the Marshall family of Trevigue – see William Yeo and Margaret Marshall.