Joseph Yeo and Sarah Thomas

Joseph Yeo (1810–1871) was born at North Petherton in Somerset and was the first in his family to be recorded with the surname spelling Yeo.

Joseph was a grandson of Simon Yea and Elizabeth Castle of Kingston St Mary and a son of Joseph Yea (1786–1853) and Lucy Butler, who married in the Bristol parish of St John the Baptist, Bedminster on 3 April 1809. See also The wrong son recorded?.

Sheila explored this family with correspondent Carole Harkin in 2004, and established that Joseph’s grandparents were Nicholas Yea (1737–1784) and Mary Hill, who married in the Somerset parish of Kingston St Mary on 29 April 1766.

Joseph Yeo became a mason, and lived in Bristol for the rest of his life. He married Sarah Thomas at North Petherton, Somerset on 18 April 1841 and had five children:
– Joseph Yeo (see below)
– Mary Ann Yeo (born 1839)
– John Yeo (1841–1905, married Mary Ann Crook, died in Liverpool)
– George Yeo (1843–1901, married Sarah Ann Martin, son Arthur Henry Yeo, see beloe)
– James Yeo (see below).
The 1851 census records Joseph and Sarah living at 78 Prince Street in central Bristol with their five children.

Joseph Yeo (1836–1908, son of Joseph Yeo and Sarah Thomas) married Eleanor Johnson in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1852. They had five children:
– Joseph William Yeo (see below)
– Ellen Yeo (born 1874)
– Robert Yeo (1879–1958, married Rosina Warren, one son)
– Margaret Yeo (born 1882)
– James Yeo (born 1891, married Alice Williams, three sons).

Arthur Henry Yeo (1871–1947, son of George Yeo and Sarah Ann Martin) married Margaret Hannah Way in Cardiff in 1897 and had four children there:
– William Charles Yeo (1898–1913, died in a mining accident)
– Arthur Frederick Yeo (born 1900–1918, died while on active service with the Royal West Kent regiment, buried in the British cemetery at Franvillers)
– Lilian Amelia Yeo (1902–1933, married John Phillips)
– Lewis Henry Yeo (1907–1972, married Marie Savill, no recorded children)
– John Yeo (born 1911, married Winifred Usher, one son).

The 1911 census records the family at 11 Planet Street in Cardiff. Arthur is a 38-year-old basket maker, his wife Margaret is 35, and their four eldest children are listed: William Charles (age 12), Arthur Frederick (10), Lilian Amelia (7) and Lewis Henry (4); there are also two lodgers.

James Yeo (1846–1925, son of Joseph Yeo and Sarah Thomas) married Lucy Newman in the Bristol parish of St James in 1870. They had three children in Bristol:
– Edward Thomas Yeo (1871–1918, married Mary Elizabeth Bellamy in Nottingham in 1893, three children)
– Annie Jane Yeo (1873–1955)
– William John Yeo (1876–1958, married Ruth Lee, six children including Alfred Newman Yeo, see below)
and three more after moving to Nottingham:
– Lucy Yeo (1880–1967, married Frederick Kinton)
– Bertha Mary Yeo (1882–1939, married John Turton)
– Iris Mary Yeo (born 1887).

Joseph William Yeo (born 1869, son of Joseph Yeo and Eleanor Johnson) married Eliza Ellen Ansley in Bristol in 1890. They had six children, including:
– Albert Edward John Yeo (born 1898, married Mary Elizabeth Ottley, one daughter)
– Ernest Joseph Wilson Yeo (see below)
– Hector George Frederick Yeo (1901–1986, married Edith Violet Paul, one son).

Ernest Joseph Wilson Yeo (1899–1979, son of Joseph William Yeo and Eliza Ellen Ansley) married Caroline Elizabeth Amelia Pateman. They had six children, including:
– Frederick George William Yeo (born 1925, died on 21 September 1944 while serving with the Royal Army Service Corps, buried at the Bergen-op-Zoom war cemetery in Belgium).

Alfred Newman Yeo (1920–1973, son of William John Yeo and Ruth Lee) married Edna Whitaker in Nottingham in 1947. They had one son:
– Alan Newman Yeo (born 1948).

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