Joseph Yeo and Sarah Thomas

Joseph Yeo (1810–1871, a mason) married Sarah Thomas (1807–1877) at North Petherton, Somerset on 18 April 1841.

They had at least five children:
– Joseph Yeo (1836–1908, married Eleanor Johnson, at least four children)
– Mary Ann Yeo (born 1839)
– John Yeo (1843–1905)
– George Yeo (1843–1901, married Sarah Ann Martin, son Arthur Henry Yeo)
– James Yeo (1846–1925, married Lucy Jane Newman and moved to Nottingham, at least six children)

The parents of Joseph Yeo senior were Joseph Yea (1786–1853) and Lucy Butler (born 1785), who married in the Bristol parish of Bedminster on 3 April 1809.

Joseph Yea’s parents were Nicholas Yea (1737–1784) and Mary Hill, who married in the Somerset parish of Kingston St Mary on 29 April 1766.

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