Thomas Isaac Yeo and Sarah Cohen

This couple married in London in 1867, but the story of their family is not straightforward to trace.

Thomas was born at Stoke Canon in 1840, the eldest of three sons of Thomas Yeo and Charlotte White. Sarah appears to have been born in Bristol about 1836 [note 1].

They had five children, three of whom died as infants:
– Frances Kate Yeo (born 1868) [note 2]
– Thomas Isaac Cohen Yeo (1870–1871)
– Charlotte Sarah Yeo (1872–1872)
– Cecilia Pauline Yeo (1875–1876)
– Louise Rebecca Yeo (born 1878) [note 3].
Sarah died in South Carolina in 1913, so had she and Thomas emigrated? His death does not appear to be recorded in England.

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1. The 1891 census for London records Thomas and Sarah at 32 Acton Street in the St Pancras area of London, giving Sarah’s age as 54 and her birthplace as Bristol. Their daughter Louise is living with them.
2. Frances appears to have married in London in 1894 and perhaps also to have emigrated.
3. There are no further English records for Louise, so did she emigrate with her parents?