Thomas Martin and Joanna Yeo

Roger Boaden has been looking into his line of descent from this couple, who married at Great Torrington in 1797.

Joanna had been baptised at Atherington in 1768 to Thomas Yeo and Mary Davis – other lines of descent from them have been studied in some detail but the Martin and Boaden lines have been neglected. Has anyone else studied them?

It is relevant also to re-visit the ancestral line of the Thomas and Mary Yeo mentioned above, which jumps from parish to parish in the area near Great Torrington, is far from easy to follow, and might not be correctly set out here.

Joanna Yeo (who died in 1782) appears to have been named after Thomas’s eldest sister Johanna Yeo – all we know about her is that she was baptised at Roborough in 1710. Joanna and Thomas’s parents were James Yeo and Eleanor Bragg, who married at High Bickington in 1707.

James Yeo (baptised at Hatherleigh in 1682) was the eldest son of Andrew Yeo and Prudence Avery, who married at Highampton in 1678.

There is no record of a marriage for Andrew’s father – who was also called Andrew. James’s baptism record reads ‘James the Son of Androw Yeo was bapt the: 7: daye’ so does not give us a name for Andrew’s wife. She might have been called Joanna; the 1673 burial at Beaford of his sister Zenobia names her mother as Joan Yeo and describes her as a widow.

Andrew Yeo senior died quite young: he was baptised at Beaford in 1630 and was buried there in 1662. He had a younger sister Zenobia Yeo (1659–1673), whose unusual forename helps to confirm that Andrew senior was a son of Bartholomew Yeo and Zeobia Halse – children in this family tended to be named after their parents or close relatives.

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