Benjamin Yeo and Ann McBain

Benjamin Yeo, baptised at Inwardleigh in 1815, was a great grandson of Thomas Yeo and Joan Gale of Inwardleigh. He married Mary Blatchford at Sampford Courtenay in 1848 and they had a daughter Eliza Yeo, who emigrated to Ontario with them in 1849.

Mary died in 1852, and Benjamin married Scottish emigrant Ann McBain the following year; he had three children with her:
– James Yeo (born 1852)
– William Duncan Yeo (1864–1951, married Dolly Phillips, Ruth Dibb and Margaret Conn; daughter Madeleine Elizabeth Yeo)
– Maggie Ann Yeo (1868–1834), married William Shepherd.
Benjamin died in 1882.

Ann’s surname has also been recorded as McBean; she was born in Scotland in 1815.

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