Henry Yeo and Susannah Barrow

Henry Yeo (1739–1777) was a son of John Yeo and Elizabeth Slowley (see under Bartholomew Yeo and Margaret Ackland) and a great great grandson of Bartholomew Yeo and Agnes Rode of Swimbridge. Sheila looked into his family after being contacted by Brian Barrow in 2004.

Henry married Susannah Barrow at Landkey in 1763. They baptised four children at Goodleigh:
– Charity Yeo (baptised 1763)
– Prudence Yeo (baptised 1766, married George Goss, one son)
– John Yeo (1768–1833, married Mary White, eight children)
– Thomas Yeo (see below).

Thomas Yeo (1774–1857, son of Henry Yeo and Susanna Barrow), married Mary Heal at Goodleigh in 1798. They lived at Marwood and baptised seven children there:
– Elizabeth Yeo (1798–1862, married John Redmore)
– John Yeo (see John Yeo and Sarah Kelly)
– Maria Yeo (baptised 1803, married Philip Gammon)
– Mary Yeo (baptised 1806, married John Tucker)
– Susanna Yeo (baptised 1810, married John Frost)
– Thomas Yeo (1813–1894, married Ann Fairchild, no recorded children)
– Prudence Yeo (1816–1892, married John Adams and moved to Plymouth).

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